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Thur 1/8 Ivo

Fri 2/8 Big Band Night With

            Sweet Mary Jane

Sat 3/8 Big Band Night With


Sun 4/8 Frank Rensen


Mon 5/8 Let's Play Bingo!

               Ivo Gleeman

Tues 6/8 Country Night With

               Rodeo Roses

Wed 7/8 Six String Society

Thur 8/8 Ivo Gleeman

Fri 9/8 Big Band Night With


Sat 10/8 Big Band Night With

             Wasabi Toothpaste

Sun 11/8 Brian Clifford


Mon 12/8 Let's Play Bingo!

               Willem Bodhi

Tues 13/8 Country Night With

                Rodeo Roses

Wed 14/8 Gypsy Dave

Thur 15/8 Gypsy Dave

Fri 16/8 Big Band Night with

            Sweet Mary Jane

Sat 17/8 Big Band Night with

              Bourbon Street

Sun 18/8 Albert Smelik


Mon 19/8 Let's Play Bingo!


Tues 20/8 Country Night with

               Rodeo Roses

Wed 21/8 Derek the Dred

Thur 22/8 Derek the Dred

Fri 23/8 Big Band Night with

            Co. Live

Sat 24/8 Big Band Night with

              Forty Fingers

Sun 25/8 Ben Blue


Mon 26/8 Let's Play Bingo!


Tues 27/8 Country Night with

               Rodeo Roses

Wed 28/8 Easy Live

Thur 29/8 Brian C

Fri 30/8 Big Band Night with


Sat 31/8 Big Band Night with

              The Daltons